Swim Ardèche

Swim Ardèche is the iOS app that helps you find the best natural swimming spots in the Ardèche. The Ardèche is one of the most beautiful counties of France. The landscape is varied and there are many rivers and lakes all over the departement.

The Ardèche is well-known for its wild streams, rivers and lakes. Summer is the best time of year to enjoy a swim, but nobody will stop you taking a dip in spring, autumn or even winter. From big, semi-artificial lakes to wild mountain streams, there is something for everyone.

Swim Ardèche gives you all the information you need to find and enjoy bathing points. The app displays its content in either English or French.

how it works

How it works

You will love the functionality

Swim Ardèche is completely written in Apple’s modern SwiftUI framework. The app works super fast and strictly follows Apple’s design principles. You will immediately understand how to use it. It automatically adapts its layout, from a small-screen iPhone mini to a big iPad Pro. It is beautiful when your device is set to Dark Mode and it uses the Adaptive Text Size that you chose in your Settings.

Essential info always within reach

Entries derived from government data and users

Available in 2 languages

Selectable map filters

Filled with official and user-contributed data

The central map shows government-sourced (teal colour) and user-contributed (orange colour) swimming spots. The detail page of a bathing site displays one or more images of the spot. If none are available, feel free to send us your own photo! The entry also lists a number of characteristics, such as the presence of a life guard, whether pets are allowed, etc. For most of the swimming spots derived from official data, an average water quality rating is available, plus a link to a detailed profile of the site (PDF).

Always within reach

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad then you’ll always have the essential information about natural swimming spots in the Ardèche at hand. Connect to the internet or use the built-in data.

When connected to the internet, the app can display images of the swimming spots and allows you to download detailed PDF profiles from the website of the French government, if available. When you’re offline, the app will still display all essential info about the swimming spots. However, you will not be able to see images. Since mapping and routing functions also need access to servers, these will also not be available.

Maps to find your way around

Swim Ardèche show you all swimming spots on the map. This way it’s easy to see where you are and which spots you would like to visit. Tap on the marker and see the details of that entry. On the item’s detail page you can long-press the map button to choose between Apple Maps or Google Maps * for driving directions.

Get Swim Ardèche now!

Swim Ardèche works on all iOS-devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.). The app has built-in support for 2 languages: English and French.

If your device uses one of these languages, the app will automatically display its content in that language. Otherwise, Swim Ardèche will display content in the first of these languages that it finds in your Language Settings preferences.

A paid subscription to Swim Ardèche is required in order to access its data, images and functions. Your first subscription comes with a fully functional 3-day free trial, so you can see for yourself if the app suits your needs. We offer four auto-renewable subscriptions: “Week”, “Month”, “Quarter” and “Year”.

Get Swim Ardèche via the Apple App Store.


Is there a free trial?

Yes. Your first subscription starts with a free 3-day trial that gives you full access to all swimming spots. If you decide to cancel your subscription within the 3-day trial period, you will not incur any charges.

How am I protected?

Swim Ardèche does not save any data about you. Nothing is collected, so no data needs to be protected. If you enable the use of your location in the app (I recommend to do so), this is only used to show your location on the map and is not shared with a remote server. When calculating driving directions with Apple and/or Google services, their apps may collect your location and share it with these companies, depending on what you allowed in your location settings.

Do you offer support?

Yes. Please use the e-mail option in the Settings tab of the app.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes. Please use the e-mail option in the Settings tab of the app.

Who is the author?

My name is Theo Schoenmakers. I am a Dutch national, living all year round in the Ardèche. Since 2010, my wife and I are the owners of Le Moulin de Lande, a tranquil, rural domain with four rental holiday cottages (“gîtes” in French) in the southern Ardèche. I started developing Swim Ardèche in 2022.

* Navigation choice between Apple Maps or Google Maps is only available if the Google Maps app is installed on the device.

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Swim Ardèche

Find the best swimming spots in the Ardèche.